Majority of our features are free and open source.
We strive to strike a harmonious balance between open-source principles and sustainability.

Opensource Edition

  • REST and GQL Apis
  • Scripting
  • Authentication
  • Variable Viewer
  • Environments
  • Secret Management
  • Asserts and Tests
  • Client Certificates
  • Collection Runner
  • Cookie Management
  • Proxies
  • Code Generation
  • Documentation
  • Response History
  • GraphQL Explorer
  • Bru CLI
  • OpenAPI Import
  • Collection Network
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Golden Edition

  • Support Bruno's Development
  • Inbuilt Bru File Explorer
  • Visual Git (Like Gitlens for Vscode)
  • Inbuilt Terminal
  • GRPC, Websocket, SocketIO, MQTT
  • Load Data from File for Collection Run
  • Performance/Load Testing
  • Custom Themes
Coming Soon

* All open-source contributors of Bruno will receive a free license for the Golden Edition.